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    CBS News Reports on my Tech Addiction Treatment Program

    Research & Conference Lectures

    2021 British Psychological Society’s Cyberpsychology Conference (Virtual)

    Basche, A., & Ortiz de Gortari, A. B. (2021). Benefits of assessing Game Transfer Phenomena in clinical practice.Game Transfer Phenomena: An Emerging Field of Study into the Impact of Digital Imagery and Simulations.  


    Research & Conference Lectures

    29th Annual European Conference 2021 (Virtual)

    Ortiz de Gortari A. B., Basche A. (2021). Pain and gain of auditory intrusions with video game content: Game transfer phenomena in clinical cases. Eur. Psychiatry 64 S642–S642. 10.1192/j.eurpsy.2021.1705


    Research & Conference Lectures

    2022 International Conference on Behavioral Addictions (Nottingham, UK)

    Ortiz de Gortari A. B., Basche A. (2022). Proposed methodology for assessing game transfer phenomena in clinical contexts. J. Behav. Addict. 11:235


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