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    If you’re reading this message, it means you’ve begun the first step in seeking help with psychotherapy, and that’s truly a big step.

    Asking for such help can be, simply put, extremely difficult to do. You might be initially hesitant to seek out help and support for personal matters, but this discomfort is precisely what keeps us stuck. Just like we go to a doctor for our physical health, we sometimes need a therapist for our mental health.

    As someone who has spent nearly 15 years in the Mental Health and Addiction Treatment fields, I am well-equipped to help you and your loved ones throughout this process.

    Make today Day One and not simply One Day

    You may have worries about scheduling, cost, fit/style, and more. Regardless of whether we end up working together, please know that I am always happy to help you navigate your journey toward healing and self-discovery. I have a vast network of healthcare professionals, treatment programs, and various types of healers (including free & low-cost options) I can connect you with. 

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    If clients are expected to continue therapeutic work between sessions

    Shouldn’t the same apply to your therapist?

      This is something I strongly believe in, as my goal is to not simply treat symptoms. Rather, to see each client as a whole person and enable their growth in multiple life domains. I thus provide an active approach that is always evidence-based and in a constant state of evolution.

      After each session, I consult a comprehensive collection of treatment strategies and the latest relevant research to identify techniques that best address the challenges and needs raised in the session. 

    Prior to the following session, I integrate these methods into my review of our goals and recent session notes, ensuring I am fully prepared to provide treatment that goes beyond simple active listening or supportive counseling.

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