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  • About Alex Basche

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    My Mission

    I provide an approach that is never cookie-cutter though always evidence-based. I am a firm believer in using treatment methods that are well-researched and uniquely individualized for each person.  My goal is to not simply treat symptoms or help someone grow in one specific area, but to also treat the whole person.

    My Approach

    I use a positive, strength-based approach to foster genuine self-acceptance and to support clients in finding meaning. My philosophy centers around building and harnessing connections between the body, emotions, thoughts and behaviors to create healing and growth. This is an active, evidence-based approach that addresses the whole person.

    Treatment is uniquely individualized and with well over a decade of clinical experience, I am competent in helping clients to not only heal but to make real gains. Gains that clients not only feel, but also see reflected in measurable treatment goals. Treatment is intended to help clients feel empowered into action, including how to apply insights from past sessions to help create tangible growth. 

    I am an integrative clinician, meaning I use more than one type of therapy or orientation.  Much like a tree, my approach grows and branches out depending on what will best serve each client.  My roots, or the foundation of my approach, is in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-Based Therapies. 

    CBT is incredibly popular as it is one of the most evidence-based treatments.  It helps us restructure and heal our thoughts, core beliefs, behaviors and emotions. Mindfulness-Based Therapies (such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) is also highly evidenced-based and focuses on the connection between mind and body.

    I have received extensive training in many forms of CBT (Internet Addiction, Insomnia, Exposure & Response Prevention, Trauma-Focused). I also am trained in Gestalt, DBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,  Interpersonal Therapy and Gottman Therapy.

    I only use methods that are backed by thorough evidence and am constantly updating my approach based on the latest research and my ongoing training.

    My Experience

    I have close to 15 years of full-time clinical experience in the mental health field, ranging from in-home behavior modification for children & teens to individual & group therapy in community outpatient clinics to adolescent crisis residential facilities.
     Starting in 2017, I helped create and found the first in-network Intensive Outpatient Program in the state of California treating technology addiction in adolescents.
    I have written over 10 different therapy group’s curricula, a combined 235 group sessions, all of which have been or currently are still active. Such curriculum include Social Skills, Behavior Modification (Addiction-related), Sensory Integration & Mindfulness (for ASD & others who are Neurodivergent) and Trauma-Related Anxiety  as well as the aforementioned IOP. For two years, I also ran a series of 12-week PTSD treatment groups for preteen sexual abuse survivors.
    I enjoy leading trainings (known as ‘didactics’) and workshops on topics related to Assessment & Treatment for Process Addictions, Parenting in the Digital Age, Adolescent Anxiety & Depression Treatment and more.  These have been provided all over California to multiple county mental health departments, nonprofit agencies, outpatient clinics, hospitals and schools.
    I serve as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the Mental Health Workgroup Advisory Board for 
    Fairplay’s Children’s Screentime Action Network. Our work is focused on highlighting the detrimental effects of excessive screen time, inappropriate content, and manipulative design on youth mental health, while also addressing conflicts of interest in related research. 

    I continue to co-author and present research on digital addictions and related topics, including Game Transfer Phenomena. This includes presenting at national and international conferences, doing Q&A sessions and collaborating with a fantastic team of researchers led by Dr Angelica B. Ortiz de Gortari


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